I’m Sandra, a Parisian mom of 2 who landed in Denver a few months ago with the desire to share a little piece of France through my favorite traditional pastry : la Madeleine.

Why la Madeleine ? Because of it’s unique shape and beautiful story. La Madeleine is a shell-shaped small cake, which can be enjoyed in many flavors (vanilla, lemon, orange, chocolate chip, etc).

The story of la Madeleine dates back to the middle of the 18th century, in the city of Commercy. A woman named Madeleine Paulmier, served it to the Prince Regent of Lorraine, Duke Stanislas Lesczynski, at an official dinner after the unexpected departure of the pastry chef.

La Madeleine became even more famous when the writer Proust gave her a role in his book In Search of Lost Time. Marcel Proust rediscovers the flavor of his childhood in Combray by tasting a piece of Madeleine in the well-known passage, which gave rise to the metaphor : “la Madeleine de Proust” which refers to an event that brings back memories of childhood.

Today, for your kid’s snack or as a treat during your coffee break, la Madeleine is a true symbol of friendship and warmth.

I cook at home and sell my madeleines directly on this website or in the Denver markets.

Bon appétit




According to the Cottage foods law, I can only sell my products in Colorado.